Thursday, September 16, 2010

Every girl needs a Pedicure sometime!

I was watching Auntie Holly paint Mummy's toes. How intriguing!...coloring a body part (or 10) in such a way to make it look completely un-natural as a method of creating beauty. So I had to be part of this!
Here is my very first go at a pedi! YAY!!

So, here I am checking out the job.

Auntie Holly's job was satisfactory enough that I believe I will let her also paint my fingernails. I am so interested in this process that I will sit perfectly still (for a 13 month old) so that Auntie Holly can do her job.

Here we are blowing on my nails...cause you have to blow on them before you can taste them. Colors this pretty will no doubt taste just as nice as they look!

They do look just like berries!

Yay! Good job Auntie!

Mummy and my pedicures!