Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day at the Zoo in lieu of Naptime

When we got to the zoo there were many children there....I wasn't sure at first whether I was supposed to watch the children or the animals.

My how wild those children were!
Here I am looking into the fish container.

Next I saw these things...

I thought they looked odd.

Then I saw little monkeys, which also looked odd.

Then I saw meerkats, which weren't as interesting to me.

But I was interested in the camera.

Here is me in front of a boa container.

This monitor lizard wasn't moving fast enough and wasn't furry enough to catch my attention.

And then there were these things.

But I knew a puppy when I saw it! These were in the cage with the cheetahs.

And oh how I like the puppies.

Something caught my eye here. Probably not something that we paid to get in to the zoo to see.

There were kitties at the zoo, but I liked the smaller kitties better since they look more like my kitties at home.

This was an interesting find.

Here I am in the Southern Bald Eagle's nest, with its eggs.

Next I got to see this guy.

Here I am watching him.

And there were prairie dogs too!

And of course the funny looking birds.

And right before we left we went to the aquarium for tropical fish.

I liked those fish a lot.

Oh, I liked the fish...

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Holy Grail

I have been in search of the Holy Grail since day 1.

I have only seen it before today...but now I am mobile and can chase it.
Someday, I shall touch it!

sunday dresses...and ponies

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Texas Independence Hall at Washington-on-the-Brazos, TX

Washington-on-the-Brazos is a few Texas miles from Brenham, so if you are going to Brenham and want to make a day of it you may as well go see where Texas became its own nation, free of the control and governance of Mexico.
This is a replica of the old Independence Hall.

Here is me and the Daddy peeking out of one of the windows.

Here I am inside the building.

Yes, that is a t-shirt that Gramma bought me at the Blue Bell Ice Cream factory that we just toured, and ate ice cream at.

Here I look so much like my Daddy's side of the family.

Blue Bell after Bluebonnets

They took me to the Blue Bell Ice Cream factory in Brenham, Tx...and then they made me take these ridiculous pictures before I got any ice cream.

Not only that, they made me sit on a bronze calf before I got ice cream.

...waiting for the ice cream.

My Pretty Pretty Bluebonnet, Part the Second

Hi everyone from Texas!

This is my best "wistfully I wish - in the garden" pose.

I am always excited to pick the flowers.

But I am sure to appreciate how pretty they are once I sentence them to death.

By the way, Bluebonnets are actually legumes. They create their own nitrogen supply.

The eternal question: Does it taste as good as it smells?

Daddy loves me. Mummy loves me. Granny loves me. Grampy loves me. Gramma loves me. Grampa loves me. Everyone loves me. No one loves me not....Daddy loves me....

It does not taste as good as it smells.

My Pretty Pretty Blue Bonnet, Part the First

In Texas, the state flower is the Bluebonnet. They bloom once a year and are a rare find on the commercial market.
When you have a Bluebonnet in your yard, you don't pick it, and you mow around it. When you don't have a Bluebonnet in your have to go find one, on the side of the freeway, or in someone else's field.

Brenham, Tx is a prime spot for finding Bluebonnets. It is about 2 hours from where we live.

We made that trek today just so I could take these pictures.

The tradition in Texas is to find a patch of Bluebonnets and rather than pick them...we sit on them....and take pictures.

People drive to Brenham, Tx in droves just to find the perfect patch of Bluebonnets...and sit on them (for pictures of course).

I enjoyed this experience of looking for the perfect patch of Bluebonnets.

I took so many adorable pictures today.

These Bluebonnets have a very light scent of lilies.

I loved the feel of the wind rushing through my hair.