Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Pretty Pretty Blue Bonnet, Part the First

In Texas, the state flower is the Bluebonnet. They bloom once a year and are a rare find on the commercial market.
When you have a Bluebonnet in your yard, you don't pick it, and you mow around it. When you don't have a Bluebonnet in your yard...you have to go find one, on the side of the freeway, or in someone else's field.

Brenham, Tx is a prime spot for finding Bluebonnets. It is about 2 hours from where we live.

We made that trek today just so I could take these pictures.

The tradition in Texas is to find a patch of Bluebonnets and rather than pick them...we sit on them....and take pictures.

People drive to Brenham, Tx in droves just to find the perfect patch of Bluebonnets...and sit on them (for pictures of course).

I enjoyed this experience of looking for the perfect patch of Bluebonnets.

I took so many adorable pictures today.

These Bluebonnets have a very light scent of lilies.

I loved the feel of the wind rushing through my hair.

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