Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day at the Zoo in lieu of Naptime

When we got to the zoo there were many children there....I wasn't sure at first whether I was supposed to watch the children or the animals.

My how wild those children were!
Here I am looking into the fish container.

Next I saw these things...

I thought they looked odd.

Then I saw little monkeys, which also looked odd.

Then I saw meerkats, which weren't as interesting to me.

But I was interested in the camera.

Here is me in front of a boa container.

This monitor lizard wasn't moving fast enough and wasn't furry enough to catch my attention.

And then there were these things.

But I knew a puppy when I saw it! These were in the cage with the cheetahs.

And oh how I like the puppies.

Something caught my eye here. Probably not something that we paid to get in to the zoo to see.

There were kitties at the zoo, but I liked the smaller kitties better since they look more like my kitties at home.

This was an interesting find.

Here I am in the Southern Bald Eagle's nest, with its eggs.

Next I got to see this guy.

Here I am watching him.

And there were prairie dogs too!

And of course the funny looking birds.

And right before we left we went to the aquarium for tropical fish.

I liked those fish a lot.

Oh, I liked the fish...

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