Friday, June 4, 2010

This is how Grampa taught me to eat cake...

First we do the dishes, so that we have the utensils and bowls to make the cake.

This is my best 1950s magazine housewife pose!

ok...back to the dishes. Enough playing Daddy, there is cake to be made!

So, mommy mixed the cake batter: chocolate, my favorite. This time me and Daddy are licking the batter off the utensils before they go into the washer.

I am trying to tell Daddy something, can you guess what?

He couldn't guess either, so I had to show him.

Then Mummy had to give Daddy and I a bath.

I like to fill up the cup to drink out of before Mummy rinses me off.

Now...MORE CAKE!!!
Me, Uncle Alex and Cookie Monster know what "C" stands for!!

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